We all know high authority backlinks pointing to a website helps rank it. But what are these high authority backlinks and more importantly how do you get them?

Each domain has a certain value attached to it when it comes to rankings by search engines. Different search engines and sites calculate this value somewhat differently.

However each of them are clear that it is the sum total of how well a website will rank in search engines. The ultimate aim of having all those algorithms is to tell a search engine to rank site A or site B better.

Keeping all things the same (content primarily, design, page load times, seo optimization etc), search engines look for authority that a website brings to rank it ahead of others and the way they decide a site’s popularity is through the number of sites that link to it and the quality of those links.

If site A has more high authority backlinks than site B, it will rank higher than site B.


A high authority backlink is one that connects to your site from an authority domain. Different companies calculate this domain authority differently, the one that I prefer and most seo professionals rely on is moz.com. Moz calculates domain authority on a 100-point, logarithmic scale where higher number means a higher domain authority.

It is an accurate enough measure of the domain’s authority. It is almost impossible to influence this score as it is calculated by combining metrics from 40+ signals.

High authority backlinks from authority domains are extremely difficult to get. Educational (edu backlinks), Governmental (gov backlinks) and many Wikis (wiki backlinks) are examples of authority domains. These are considered high authority as the content on these sites is very heavily policed. Since the administrators on these sites are highly active and delete irrelevant content, google accords them the respect.

It is extremely difficult to get links from these sites. These links carry 10x more power than a high PR backlink from a regular website.

The problems are multiple. First finding edu, gov and wiki sites that are open to backlinks and will allow you a backlink is a big problem. Once you find a site, posting and hoping your backlink will stick is another problem. With hours and days of work to get a handful of high authority backlinks is sheer frustration!

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